Saint Lucia's Finest Rum, Chairman's Reserve, is as iconic as the Piton Mountains which adorn its bottle. Pour a glass and you'll be instantly transported to the gorgeous palm-fringed beaches, miles of lush rainforest, and lively nightlife full of tradition and culture which embody Saint Lucia. 

Saint Lucia Distiller's History



Denis Barnard builds Distillery at Dennery, on the eastern coast of the island.


St. Lucia Distillers is formed in Roseau valley as a result of a merger of the only two remaining distilleries - The Dennery Distillery and the Geest Distillery.


Rum revolutionary and "Chairman" of St. Lucia Distillers, Laurie Barnard,  son of Denis, launches Chairman's Reserve - an innovative blend of column & pot still rums.


Groupe Bernard Hayot purchases St. Lucia Distillers and begins extensive renovations of the distillery and expansion of global distribution

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Laurie Barnard

A Passion for Rum is Born

Laurie Barnard, the late "Chairman" of St. Lucia Distillers, inspired and created the iconic brand Chairman's Reserve in 1999. His vision to define and reinvent the Saint Lucian rum category was unlike anything rum had seen before or has seen since. While other distilleries were purchasing column stills to increase production, Laurie was investing in eclectic barrel types, small pot stills, a proprietary yeast strain, and sugarcane. He believed that the best rum was not achieved from one barrel but by blending different components together of different ages, finishes, styles, and base materials.  

Laurie was born in Saint Lucia in 1945 and didn't waste any time following in his father's footsteps in the agriculture industry. At the age of 18, he began working alongside his father Denis on the estate managing the sugarcane and banana business. Soon after, in 1969, he became GM of the vast agricultural farm which had become the largest banana farm in the Winard islands and employed over 500 people. At the same time, he also assumed responsibility for the distillery and began his love affair with rum and the endless possibilities it provided.