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Online Registration 

The registration period for the first phase of the competition will be open from May 3rd, 2023 until May 31st, 2023.  



Is open to working bartenders of legal drinking age in the following countries: USA, France, UK, Greece, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Saint Lucia. Regulations and details per market may vary slightly so please contact your local Chairman's Reserve representative for additional questions.   


Online Registration – Phase One  

The first phase of the competition will entail the submission of your spiced rum concept via this form. You must include your vision, inspiration, intended spice blend, ideal serve, and explain how and why you would want to promote this product in the beverage community. 


Phase One Rules 

  • Please use as detailed of explanations as possible in your submission to ensure judges full comprehension of your vision  

  • No exact recipes are needed, this is the conceptualization round  

  • No illegal ingredients may be used 

  • An optional photo may be included 



Phase Two 

A group of finalists will be selected from each country to move on to Phase Two and will be notified on June 7, 2023. Shortly following this notification, they will receive a Chairman’s Reserve Spice kit which will include one bottle of Chairman’s Reserve Original Rum to use as their spiced rum base and one empty Chairman’s Reserve bottle to fill with their original recipe to return for judging. This round will conclude on July 31, 2023, giving you nearly two months to perfect your unique spiced rum. This portion of the competition will be comprised of two parts. The first part will be the creation of your original spiced rum. This part is worth 60% of the total score for phase two. 



Original Spiced Rum Creation Rules 

  • Create a spiced rum with Chairman’s Reserve Rum as the base 

  • Must include the four pre-set spices included in kit 

  • Must personalize blend by adding four additional spices of your choosing 

  • Methods of creating are at your discretion  

  • No other rum may be used as the base for your spiced rum 

  • Other higher proof spirits may be used in creating spice extracts should you choose to use this method 

  • Spices can be in quantity/proportions of your choosing 

  • No illegal ingredients may be used 

  • Sugar/sweetening agent may be added 

  • You must create enough of your original spiced rum to fill one 700ml bottle (included in Chairman’s Reserve Spice Kit) 

  • You MUST deliver your original bottle of spiced rum no later than July 31st (your local representative will be in contact to arrange method) 


The second portion of this phase is a promotional period which will be worth 40% of your total score for phase two. Be creative in promoting the concept of your original spiced rum through any combination of activations. Social media and on-site promotions are suggested but we encourage you to use your imagination to promote your original spiced rum as you would if it was to be produced internationally. You will have the same timeline, June 7th to July 31st, to activate this portion of phase two. Some examples of campaigns are: 



  • Happy hours/tastings at competitor’s home bar 

  • Guest shifts at other bars as cross-promotion 

  • Menu placement or special featuring spiced rum creation 


Social Media  

  • Posts/Stories/Reels on Instagram tagging @chairmansreserveofficial and using the hashtag #chairmansspicelab 

  • Youtube videos describing your original spiced rum and the concept behind it 

  • TikTok videos incorporating current video/audio trends that are relevant to your original spiced rum concept 


These are just suggestions, but we encourage you to, above all, be creative and show us how you would promote your own original spiced rum! 




Phase Three 

During the first weeks of August, a panel of industry professionals in each country (Saint Lucia, United States, & Europe) will select 15 finalists total to move on to Phase Three. These 15 finalists will be announced on August 21st and will compete in a live remote international competition on September 6th, in which they will virtually present their rum to an esteemed panel of international judges. Finalists MUST be available and flexible on September 6th and while we will do our best to coordinate the timing of the live virtual event, depending on the location of finalists, the competition hours may be in the morning or at night. This virtual event will be open to the public for viewing. Concluding the competition, we will announce three winners: one from the USA, one from Saint Lucia, and one from Europe.  




The three winners (one from the USA, one from Saint Lucia, and one from Europe/UK) will have the opportunity to travel to Saint Lucia the last week of October 2023 to work with the Chairman’s Reserve production team and Master Blender Deny Duplessis to create a new and original Chairman’s Spiced rum blend as a team. These bartenders will assist in all aspects of the creation of this unique, locally inspired product which will be a single release, launched at Tales of the Cocktail 2024 in New Orleans, and released internationally. In addition, the Saint Lucian and American winner will travel to Tales of the Cocktail for the launch in July 2024, and the European finalist will travel to a similar tradeshow in their territory in 2024 to participate in the European launch.  

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